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Richard L. Franks, Esq.

Richard has specialized skills in business law, construction law, environmental law, contract administration and contract drafting. Richard is a seasoned litigator, with deep and varied business experience, from the perspectives of both an attorney and as a business manager. Clients range from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Richard Franks, attorney

Richard Franks is admitted to practice law in Colorado and Missouri. He is a former trial court judge in Missouri and former JAG Officer in the US Marine Corps, where he was also certified as a Military Judge.

Richard Franks has been a practicing attorney, as well spending much of his career as a General Counsel for construction firms, green energy firms, and waste management firms.  While working as a general counsel, he was often assigned additional managerial roles, ultimately being elevated to the operations manager on multimillion dollars projects overseas and in the US.  On countless projects, he has also served as the project manager. Richard’s career highlights include:

Colorado construction attorney.
  • Serving as the VP of Project Development, COO and General Counsel of Phoenix Waste Services Company, Inc., a public company that built composting plants and transported municipal solid waste.

  • The Project Director and Chief Legal Counsel on a $100 million U.S. aid financed infrastructure project in Egypt for Thames Water PLC, based in London, that included three water treatment plants in Egypt. While with Thames Water, he was the lead attorney on $32 million arbitration claim against the Government of Egypt.

  • He also managed operations and legal services for Waste Solutions, Inc in Houston, Texas, a turn-key supplier of in-vessel composting plants.

  • In addition, Richard has 15 years experience as a General Counsel and CEO in the renewable energy industry, among other things, developing and building the energy island for a 6.6 megawatt power generation plant that converted municipal solid waste into electricity in northern Italy.

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If you are looking for an experienced business, construction, and renewable energy law firm in Colorado, please give us a call. We are near the Denver Tech Center, but serve all Denver Metro, State of Colorado, and Nationwide companies.

How We Are Different
We know construction and business law from the inside out.

Our business law, construction law, and construction operations are led by a former judge, who has been a business owner, executive, contractor, project manager, and general counsel to national and international firms.

This broad depth of knowledge enables us to quickly find far more client-friendly solutions—we analyze business and construction issues from a client perspective. A major benefit to you is that we do not tell you what you cannot do and stop there… we develop practical, legal, and operational solutions that provide legal protections while balancing the requirements of the project, the law, the client, and the bottom line.

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