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contract lawyer and construction lawyer You need a law firm that understands your issues from a business perspective as well as a legal perspective.  With extensive business experience, you are hiring more than just expert legal experience, you are hiring a firm that knows the value of viewing a problem from all angles, understanding fully the issues and impact on your business (and bottom line) that each course of action might entail.

We know how to provide legal advice to protect your business, construction project, and renewable energy business. We know business best practices and the construction industry inside and out. Renewable energy business?  Yes, we have the expertise.


contract preparation and reviewContract Preparation, Review, Analysis, and Contract Management Systems

The key to effective contract preparation is to insure that the language is so abundantly clear that it cannot be misinterpreted by any reasonable person. While this sounds like a goal anyone can achieve, it requires enormous practice and skill. An oddly placed sentence fragment can totally change the clear meaning of a contract. More importantly, that oddly placed sentence fragment will not be detected by most lay contract readers. Our years of contract drafting experience, and years of having those contracts tested in courts nationwide, enables us to use them as templates for your specific agreement. If you can describe your bargain, we can support it with a sound and enforceable contract that will serve you well if any disputes should arise.

Contrary to what many people believe, a business contract is not some document that parties sign and then should be put away somewhere. It is the foundation on which the proper completion of a transaction rests. If it is not right when a dispute arises, the benefit of the bargain can be lost. Don’t let that happen to you. We will protect your bargain, your rights, and your investment. Call us at 720-389-5374 for a consultation.

Breach of Contract disputes

Contract Preparation, Analysis, and Breach of Contract Claims and their Defenses

Richard Franks is a breach of contract attorneyBusiness runs on transactions recorded in contracts, both written and oral. Because of our depth of knowledge with respect to general business, business law, and construction, we can analyze a breach of contract claim very quickly. We are also experienced dispute resolution practitioners. Whether your matter requires alternate dispute resolution (ADR) or litigation, we will first analyze your claim and seek a negotiated result. Only then will we suggest a more formal dispute resolution method (mediation, arbitration, or litigation). In the process we can advise with respect to the advantages and disadvantages of each, to allow you to make an informed and cost-effective decision.

In those cases where the value of your claim is not sufficient to proceed with any dispute resolution procedure, or the likelihood of success for your position is not great, we will advise you concerning the economics of your claim before you make any significant investment in a high risk or losing venture.


General Business Representation

general business lawyerRichard Franks has been both a practicing attorney and a businessman for much of his career. He has been a CEO, Operations Officer, and General Manager of any number of business enterprises, while also fulfilling the role of General Counsel.  As a result, his perspective with regard to legal representation of business clients is far broader than the typical lawyer who has never had his own assets at risk in a business transaction.

Whether you have a breach of contract dispute, need a transactional issue analyzed with contracting advice, or need general business management advice, you can call on us (720-389-5374). We will help you understand what the law allows you to do, what it does not allow you to do, and advise with respect to developing methods and means to comply with all relevant legal requirements while maintaining maximum returns.

We are also seasoned litigators who can take your claim to court and get the best possible results.

Our goal is always to protect your bottom line.  We understand you must get a return on the investment you make in us.  This business attorney is focused on results that will improve your bottom line.

Construction Law Representation

Contracts, Mechanic’s Liens, Construction Defect Claims

construction attorneyWe are former construction business operators. That background enables us to manage the full measure of construction legal issues.

The main benefit of this body of practical experience is that we do not tell you what you cannot do and stop there, like many lawyers. We develop practical legal and operational solutions that provide legal protections balanced with your requirements, the project parameters, the law, and, very importantly, your need for a return on investment.

We also consider your return on investment as we allocate time to your work. We know that you must make a profit not only on your projects, but on the cost of the work we perform. Therefore, we will not expend our time and your money when we do not think we can improve your bottom line with our product.

In short, our senior construction litigator has been a construction and business client. His sensitivities to your special circumstances are paramount when analyzing a global solution that most law firms will see as just a legal issue. This makes Richard Franks PC different from the vast majority of firms in the construction law practice.

Call us (720-389-5374) for a consultation on any construction issue. Regardless of the issue on which you need legal assistance, we will have dealt with a similar issue previously, and will have precise and cost-effective solutions available quickly for your consideration.

Environmental Law

Clean Tech and Renewable Energy

clean tech attorneyThis emerging industry will grow as new technology is developed that will provide profitable alternatives to fossil fuels.  Green technology must be green in both an environmental context and in a commercial context.

Our senior attorney is a former project developer who as the Chief Operations Officer of a clean tech firm, constructed a waste-to-energy plant in Europe using a waste-to energy (WTE) technology that generated electricity from trash.  Our senior attorney managed the legal, operational, and commercial portions of the project, which was ultimately successful.  He also was the senior project developer on numerous WTE projects in the US.

We know where the hazards lie in this emerging industry.  We also understand the economics of this industry.  We can protect you with legal advice, commercial advice, and contracts that place you in the best position to succeed in this risk averse industry.

We also can quickly critique business plans and provide solutions to the common mistakes made in clean tech business plans.

Call us at 720-389-5374 for a consultation and tell us about your new technology.  We might even be able to steer your firm to potential investors.